When I’m traveling I strive to capture the sight/s I see as a way to share that feeling or experience. Sometimes my goal is give the feeling that you too (as the person viewing the photo) are right there beside me.

I captured this image in a small hamlet in northern Vietnam. We were on this wonderful (and wet) 3 day trek in Sapa District. We hiked through verdant rice fields, through bamboo and down muddy paths. In this photo you have a microcosm of our trek, the person with the umbrella at far right (we experienced pouring rain off an on for the 3 days), there is both the water buffalo in the road with the white vehicle behind (which we made way for both throughout the trek).

The signs to me spoke of the business of opportunity, with the sample drinks lined up on the otherwise bare table. It’s not easy to spot but on the right side, just behind the buffalo you see several tall bottles with yellowish liquid. That’s how petrol or gasoline was sold throughout Vietnam (and Cambodia). Most of the people driving were on motorbikes so that was enough fuel for a “fill-up”.