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Hello, My name is Chet Davis and I absolutely love to teach…  

… whether it’s presenting a keynote to a room of 300, teaching a break-out session or leading a hands-on technology workshop for 24 people, I get a charge out of inspiring and enabling folks to become creative and successful.

It is my mission to help people become more confident and more capable of using today’s technology tools… as a way to help them more fully experience our world and bring their dreams to life.

ChetDavis OnStage Philly2014 CROPI have presented at conferences and taught workshops in 49 States, 3 provinces and in Europe. I “cut my teeth” back when I developed and taught (for 17 years) a high school tech program – and I continue to find that passion with my current adult programs.  I am gratified to have been able to impact learners across the world – with more than 85-thousand students in my on-line classes.

I have testified before a congressional sub-committee (about technology) and I delight in capturing the beauty of our natural world through my digital storytelling: video and photography.

I would be delighted to bring my programs to your company, organization, or group’s next event… and help your audience feel more confident and become more capable using personal technologies.

To contact Chet and inquire about your upcoming event, please send Chet an email message to Chet by Chet@YourTechnologyTutor.com


Chet has delivered presentations for the following events and associations:

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Here are some comments from people who have benefited from Chet Davis’ presentations

Chet’s clarity, knowledge, patience and warm personality are such a gift to anyone fortunate to be in his audience! Pat Kankowski California


Chet’s ability to deliver the message to such a diverse and varied class of attendees, in such a way that professionals are not bored or amateurs are not overwhelmed is incredible. Don Simmons – Georgia


YOU make the content enjoyable and fun, making complex ideas easier to understand… you are an AMAZING teacher! Judy Woods – Virginia


I’ve been through a LOT of classes and presentations – I have to say that Chet is the best presenter I have experienced! Jerry Quigerossa – Illinois


To contact Chet and inquire about your upcoming event, please send Chet an email message to Chet@YourTechnologyTutor.com