It was a very hot and humid day in July when we visited the ancient city of Hot An, Vietnam. It was one of my favorite spots on our trip in Vietnam – a city of beautiful architecture dating frin the There is a law that every shop must hand lantern on it’s facade. Fortunate for us visitors this ancient trading port city has been preserved. One of the places my wife researched that was a must see was the Chinese assembly halls. I found the Chaozhou Assembly Hall as one of the most photogenic.

Believed to have been constructed in 1845, I found the central courtyard to be a tranquil place to shade myself from the hot sun while enjoying the vibrant colors of red and gold. I am a huge fan of the handling lanterns and in this photo I also like the Chinese characters which appear all around this courtyard. Lastly the roofing with a totally different color theme. with the grey of stone and the turquoise colored tile relief murals add a lot of character.