In November this past year we traveled to Singapore and visited Gardens by the Bay. There are actually many different things to see in this 250-acre space known as Gardens by the Bay. We thoroughly enjoyed the otherworldly Supertree Grove and the Cloud Forest with the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. We also visited the Flower Dome, world’s largest glass greenhouse. Honestly if you visited botanical gardens before we found Flower Dome underwhelming, apart from it’s sheer size (and a cooler temperature in contrast with the heat and humidity of Singapore). But there were some beautiful species of plant in this indoor collection of different plans from around the world. In contrast to the imposing Baobob Trees and large driftwood sculptures I found great beauty in this little bed of pink paper daisies. Apart from the beautifully shaped petals forming geometric designs, I love the varied angles of the daisies in soft focus in the background behind the flower up front. To capture this photo, I had to get down at a low angle and place my camera lens fairly close to the flower in front while adjusting the focus to ensure it was sharp and the flowers behind went out of focus.

Prints of this photo available here