In 2019 we spent two weeks among the animals on the savannas of Kenya, Africa. It was a magical experience to be so close to these beautiful creatures. Each day we had 2 game drives where Maasai guides would lead us to enjoy the varied animals found in East Africa. The elephants are favorites of my wife and I, and the African Elephant are the largest of their species. And they are the largest animal walking the earth. One day on a drive in the Selenkay Conservancy near Amboseli National Park we were able to sit in the open air safari vehicle and simply watch these graceful creatures. It’s almost as if they were posing for me, with three elephants in a row spread across the frame each a distance back from the other (there’s actually a 4th elephant who is behind the first). Each time I look at this photo I can’t help but feel the elephants are looking directly at me. I also really like the Acadia trees in the background. The Acacia, also known as the umbrella thorn tree, that dot the landscape is such an iconic part of the African savannas. We have Kenya and it’s neighbor countries on our travel list to once again visit the continent of Africa. We appreciated the expert Maasai guides and hospitality at the Gamewatchers Amboseli Safari Camp.
Prints of this photo available here