We live a few blocks from a large pond called the Civic Center Lagoon. Throughout the year there are several species of birds that make the lagoon their home (along with turtles and an otter family who comes at high tide). It was a very foggy and cold day when I captured these 3 Mallard Ducks swimming in the pond. Several species of Duck make the pond their home as we enjoy seeing ducklings swimming with their mother in the Spring. What I enjoy about this photo is the grouping of the 3 ducks – it’s clear with the direction they’re all facing, with the ripples around and behind them they are really on a mission to get somewhere to the left of the frame. 

And their colors are so vibrant, along with the little upturn in the Mallards tail. The cloudy day yielded a pond surface that is flat and uniform that made me think of a glass surface or mirror. I wrestled with cropping the scene to remove the small floating piece of wood at bottom right but decided to keep it in. It’s a location that our dog loves to take his walks, or should I say he loves us to take him on walks there. Though sometimes I am not particularly excited about leaving the comfort of home, whether I’m just relaxing or involved in some project to head out for a walk. But I am regularly blessed with the short venture to a location that brings me closer to nature.

Prints of this photo are available here