I shared before how much I love capturing the beginning and end of our days, sunrise and sunset. This photo brought together many elements that I really enjoy – in addition to the sun (sunset here), there is the sea – I find water to be very cathartic and inspiring. Lastly the location is Hawaii. I find myself continually drawn back to the Hawaiian Islands. This photo I captured from the beach near our condone the island of Maui. There was a small strip of sandy beach and while we enjoyed the sunset this evening a family of 4 took an end of day swim. I was fortunate to capture this photo with the four of them spread out in a perfect pattern. And since they are in the bottom right of frame, there’s a nice balance with the catamaran sail (even though it’s way in the distance) at upper right of frame. The icing on the cake for me in this photo is the sunset illuminating the clouds with the edge of Molokai island at right and the streak of sunlight beaming across the sea right towards the viewer. I wish I was there right now 🙂

Prints of this photo and more available on my gallery website here.