People/Portraits are not my speciality, but when I observe a scene that I am compelled to capture it. This is one of those images – we had driven in a 4-wheel drive jeep for several hours up windy, bumps trails and stopped at a small Hmong village. Our guide told us the people there likely don’t see too many “foreigners”. We walked around the village and I saw several groups of children running and playing. This young girl I saw coming gout of the doorway of her home.

As I look back on this photo, there’s a lot I like. Her smile is so genuine – it really makes me smile too. Her pose, the door slightly ajar with one hand on the door frame, her feet apart with her right foot over the threshold. The lines of the wood panels on the home in varying shades of weathering and the little stick at bottom right. I considered cropping the photo but find the expansive wood panels add to the image. That do you think?