I love this photo for several reasons. First I love to view and capture both the sun rising and setting. There is something magical about this daily event when nature comes together ta give us a visual spectacle. And this morning the clouds in the sky, the range of colors, the fog below and even the shrub on the hill came together for this moment. Secondly – that bridge. Friends who see my photography know I love the Golden Gate Bridge, having captured it from almost every angle. The bridge stretched out in front of us coupled with the skyline of San Francisco provided me with some interesting texture. Captured this photo in November a few years ago. We’d had several foggy mornings and I had the day off, so I set my alarm and woke up at 5AM and drove up to the Marin Headlands. At the top of the road, just below Hawk Hill I set up my tripod and waited for the sun to rise and captured a number of photos. This was one of my favorites from that day.

Prints of this photo available here.