For the past several years I have shared my photographs (and videos) on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It brings me a great deal of fulfillment to go back through my photos, whether they’re were captured not far from home or thousands of miles away. I enjoy remembering the when I took the photo and what the story was surrounding that moment in time. I have for years, posted photos of my personal Facebook page and when someone comments that they really enjoy that image as well, that makes me happy… that I was able to convey that same feeling I had when I took the photo and shared it with another person. And so I decided to share my favorite photos here on their own Facebook page – often with the story or experience that went into capturing that moment. Friends remark regularly how I should make my photos available for people to purchase (sell my work). For those interested – you can order prints (and photo items) with my photography-artwork on my website here