Throughout our visit to Kenya we experience many Giraffe out in the bush. I found them to be very curious creatures, beautiful and odd at the same time. I captured this photo at the Giraffe Centre as this Giraffe lowered it’s neck to receive a treat which you could offer them by hand. I like the angle of it’s face and the texture of both it’s whiskers and eyelashes. And to see it’s nostrils up close like you could almost reach out and touch it along with the eye staring right at you. The spotted pattern adds to the shot as does the white clouds mixed in with the blue sky.

On our visit to Kenya we made a tour at the Giraffe Centre. In the city of Nairobi there is a sanctuary, began in 1979 to help in the conservation efforts to save the Rothschild Giraffe. That species had was on the way to extinction when two people brought a pair of this Giraffe species to their property and began the Centre.

The giraffe roam the 60-acre refuge along with several Warthog families. You can see the Giraffe up-close as they often come to the edge of the visitor centre for a treat (that was a real treat for us to see and feel their tongue). You can read more about the Giraffe Centre here – and if you plan a trip to Kenya, I highly recommend a visit!