Some years ago we took a trip in Europe that ended in Croatia. Our final visit was to the city of Dubrovnik. We had a room within the Old Town, encircled by walls built in the 16th Century! It’s right on the Mediterranean Sea and it has seen it’s share of conquering forces to seize control of this strategic port town.

One of the mornings we walked the city walls and you could get a sense of what it must have been like hundreds of years ago to look out to land or sea, knowing you were protected behind this limestone fortress. Most of Dubrovnik’s wall is open air but there were portions that are enclosed. In one these spots I looked out of this hole and captured this photo.

I feel this image gives a strong sense of the history of the city. I really like the texture of the wall and the shadow that falls inside. It looks like it could be a view from a time many years ago, the tiled rooftops of the city with by the dome of Saint Blaise Church just left of center.

NOTE: Many of the terra cotta roofs were replaced after being shelled in the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s