In the summer of 2016 we visited 3 Southeast Asia countries and our primary focus in Cambodia was the Angkor Wat temple complex. You have likely seen photos of some of the temples – there are some 72 major temples over 400 acres. We were so fortunate to have secured the service of a local guide named Sotath (highly recommended if you travel here) This photo I captured at the west gopura or gate that crosses the moat into the main temple called Angkor Wat Temple. I took lots of photos the two days we visited the temples outside Siem Reap this is one of my favorites. I like that it includes the temple itself (built in the early 12th century) along with the green foliage and the ragged stone path and balustrade, still standing along the left side of the path. I might say the photo is unbalanced, not having the walkway centered in the shot. The photo looks a little skewed to the left but I believe the 3 monks in bright orange robes help to balance the photo, with the large palm beside them giving bland to the right side of the frame. Speaking of that palm, I like the cascading height from that right palm, to the top of the temple tower down to the next lower tower just left of center. I also like the monks in motion with the two outside monks turned towards the one in the middle and their saddled feet in motion. One thing this photo does not convey is just how hot and humid it was! So happy to have Sotath have his air-conditioned car waiting for us at each stop, with chilled bottle of water and cool cloths for us. That made it all the more enjoyable.