In each of the Porini Camps we stayed while on Safari in Kenya there were common areas where the guests would gather for meals. At our first camp, Amboseli there was an indoor dining tent as well as an outdoor space. A short distance away was a small pond with this log that straddled it. I made an effort to always have my camera with me (I almost always have my trusty iPhone for photos) but on our travels also bring a camera with a longer lens. I saw this Vervet Monkey just sitting on this bump in the log and captured this photo while he was scratching himself. I love the dark markings on his feet, hands and face, and his tail hanging straight down off the log. And I believe the green foliage behind in soft focus provides a nice background that makes the monkey “stand out” more (if you look closely you can see the hairs on it’s head and back sticking out). I should note these Vervet Monkeys can be troublemakers, unzipping the camp tents and making away with food. I can laugh when it’s not food planned for my mouth ????