For this weeks Floral Friday I would like to share this group of flowers captured on the campus of Dominican University of California in Northern California. I like the colors and the unique shapes. And I really like how the composition turned out with the single blossom in the foreground backed up by the greenery of the leaves and the additional blossoms out of focus in the background. The scientific name of this flower is 12 characters long and looks like I mispelled it all so I’m going to go with it’s common name which is the Nodding Pincushion or Protea Pincushion. And it totally reminds me of the fabric pin-cushion my mom had when I was growing up which I hadn’t thought of in many, many years (I believe hers was made to resemble a small red tomato). NOTE: Although our winter in California is much warmer than most of North America, this photo was captured in the month of May.