For travel Thursday I share this photo from our past family trip to Alaska. We researched and booked a canoe tour of the lakes on the Kenai Peninsula. We learned that there is a whole network of lakes on the Peninsula and you could be out for days in a canoe, going from lake to lake. But some you would have to portage (carry the canoe over land).

We had a wonderful guide who runs this canoe outfitter in the summer months and rest of the year is a teacher. My wife and I were in one canoe and my youngest son was in the canoe with the guide. I captured this photo as my son and our guide paddled past us. I really like the canoe cutting a path through the calm, still waters of this lake, the lush green scenery all around and the reflections. It was awesome to be out in the wilderness with these amazingly pristine lakes and the verdant forests. An experience to be treasured and this photo, for me, captures the feeling of that day.