One of the traditions I love in Asia is the offer of a “welcome drink” when you check into a new property. We’ve enjoyed this mostly in resorts. After a few hours or a day of travel it’s nice to settle into your new environment with a refreshing beverage.

Many of the places bring out a welcome drink for each person in your party (and somethimes small snacks). But at Murex Dive Resort in Manado after they walked us on a tour of the property and then showed us to our room they hand the bar menu and invite you to order whatever you want for your welcome drink.
Mine is on the left, a Blue Hawaii. I cannot recall what my wife had, but something tropical. I captured this photo on the veranda of our room. Apart from the very colorful beverages I like the out of focus background with both lush green foliage (with some colorful red blossoms at left), the wooden teak table and the softly focused wooden porch railing.