I would not call myself a “foodie” but I do regularly capture a photo of some of our meals, especially while traveling. It helps me remember what we ate – and also I like to provide a review when it’s really good, to assist the business we patronize.

I captured this table in the city of Hue, Vietnam. It really takes me back to that restaurant. We had asked the front desk clerk at our small hotel where he would recommend for a meal… and that’s where we ended up. We enjoyed a delicious meal with the local favorite HUDA beer, which some say is the best beer in Vietnam!

I like this photo for a couple of reasons – besides the composition (again, I can totally see myself seated right in front of this plate – like it’s just waiting for the viewer to have a seat and eat). I also like the angle of the capture, I like the plates and the angled chopsticks across the bare plate.