I captured this photo on Pier 7 in the Embarcadero area of San Francisco. This very moody image was taken after a rain shower with the wet boards providing a great surface to reflect the lamp lights.

I really like the perspective with the long row of lights heading out into the Bay (towards Treasure Island if you care). I also like the dark tones of the clouds in the sky along with the dark shapes of people on the pier – but I like those people are some distance away so you can’t make out anyone, but rather just these figures on a dark evening.

I definitely did some editing or processing on this photo to achieve the feel I was going for. In addition to brining out the lighter tones of the sky (to give contrast) I also added a mystical effect to the whole scene which allowed the lamps to have more of a glow effect.

The taller island to the right in the frame is Yerba Buena Island with the Bay Bridge intersecting the island (via a tunnel).