During our visit to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand back in December we were fortunate to see so many temples (there are seem 300 temples in the old city of Chiang Mai).
One of the more spectacular temples is the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. The temple sits up on a mountain, Doi Suthep (Do is mountain or hill in Thai language) some 8 miles outside the city. We took a car up the mountain and visited the temple complex just after sunset and was happy to make it in time to observe the monks praying. Visitors are welcome to enter the temple and even photograph as long as you don’t disturb the monks.

I sat on the floor just behind some monks and captured video with their prayers (I would call it chanting). In my photography I often strive to capture the image to give the feeling that you’re right there and I believe this one conveys this feeling well, With the low angle and the monks sitting in front of you. The temples are so incredible colorful and filled with intricate details that lend to interesting images.