So many of my photos “just happen”
There are times I plan to be at a specific time and place, mainly my sunrise and sunset photos – but so many are a result of being fully aware, looking to really see and capturing a moment in time.

This image is a definite example. We were walking our dog in the open space near our home. There was a herd of sheep brought in by the County (in a fenced area) to graze on vegetation that would otherwise pose as fuel to a wildfire.

We were walking by this large herd when I saw several looking back at me.
This was a trail where several sheep were on the crest of a hill. I pulled out my camera (iPhone) and captured several images. This one was my favorite – with the two looking right at me. The others couldn’t be bothered to interrupt their dinner and so kept grazing. I love the sense that they’re on top of the world with the almost painted blue sky behind them.