Dallas08_0207Bring Chet Davis to your next event and let him inspire and enable your audience to maximize their tech capabilities.  There’s so much benefit today’s technology tools afford us… it’s a shame that so many people are either afraid to put these tools to use for them and their families, or they’re stuck in  the quicksands of problems or lack of what to do.  Chet is here to help!

“It’s my mission to help folks feel more confident and increase their capability using today’s technology.” Chet Davis


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Staying Safe in our Digital World: Passwords & Authentications

Overtime we go online, each time we use a mobile device there is the potential that we are putting our security, our future and our family at risk.  Many people have no idea how much their online practices are jeopardizing their security or safety – others may acknowledge the dangers but feel paralyzed without understanding how to stay safe. In this presentation we’ll explore the dominant risks and how to address these in practical steps you can do tonight!

  • You’ll learn Chet’s simple strategy for developing secure but rememberable passwords
  • Learn how many passwords you should have, how often you should change them and how to manage all your passwords.
  • We’ll explore the great value in multi-step verification and learn who’s using it and why you should start today.
  • Chet will share how to avoid the traps set by social engineers that are behind so many hacks and security breaches.

This session can be offered as a Keynote Presentation, a break-out session, or can easily be developed into a half-day or full-day hands-on workshop. Can also be tailored as a great after dinner edu-tainment presentation.


Using an iPad As Your Home Computer

The iPad or Tablet is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to needing a computer for your home. This is particularly true for those who have traditionally found computers confusing, expensive and trouble to keep running smoothly. In this presentation – Tech Expert Chet Davis – will show you how an iPad can serve as a great replacement for a home computer.  
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  • Benefits of using an iPad contrasted with the applications or tasks you should still consider using a traditional computer for.
  • We’ll see the foundational operations every tablet owner should know and do
  • And we’ll see some of Chet’s favorite applications in a number of different categories

This session can be offered as a Keynote Presentation, a break-out session, or can easily be developed into a half-day or full-day hands-on workshop. 


Tech For Parents

Tech Expert Chet Davis will share the latest thoughts and tips related to using technology by your children, along with practical tips for helping ensure technology remains a tool for your kids’ to use in their school work as well as an entertainment source that does not get abused.  We’ll look at some of the most prevalent risks children face when using connected technology alblogging-15968_1280ong with some solutions you can employ in your home.
  • Cutting through the hype to recognize the real risks our children encounter online
  • Systems built into our technology to help us manage safe and balanced computing.
  • Some great websites and apps that children, parents and teachers love.
 This session can be offered as a Keynote Presentation or a break-out session.