Dallas08_0207 Bring Chet Davis to your next event and let him inspire and enable the Experts & Authors to maximize their tech capabilities. “I love helping my fellow experts and authors breakthrough their technology roadblocks and learn to use the appropriate tools and services.  I can help move them from overwhelm to confidence and capability.  It’s an audience I feel very connected with as a fellow author and expert (Author of the forthcoming book Practicing Safe Tech “)

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Demystifying Video for Experts & Authors: Creating Short Videos To Build Your Tribe

Whether you’re considering recording short videos for your Facebook Page or YouTube Channel, or going live with Google Canon Viewfinder Shot x480
Hangouts or the new Periscope App – we’ll discuss some foundational technical knowledge that
will  help you avoid common pratfalls and gain the confidence to begin employing this great way to develop a deeper connection with your audience.
  • Intro to tools: Camcorder or SmartPhone, what are the accessories or apps I really need
  • Best places to upload and share your videos
  • Avoiding expensive editing but still getting great video to share with the world.

This session can be offered as a Keynote Presentation, a break-out session, or can easily be developed into a half-day or full-day hands-on workshop.


Introduction to Webinars: Why and How to Use Them to Build Your Business

6a0120a56f4abd970b015432986325970c-2We’ll discuss the value of using webinars to built rapport with your prospects and shorten the sales cycle.  This introduction to using webinars will highlight the top platforms, tech requirements, and suggestions for getting started.
  • What’s the value to the presenter – and how to ensure your plans are solid
  • Mapping out the stages of your Webinar program
  • What are tech considerations and how to plan for dealing with the variables you’ll likely encounter.

Offered as a Keynote Presentation, a break-out session, or a half-day workshop.


Putting Your Expertise, Your Message Into An Online Classroom: for Profit and Promotion

An introduction to the opportunities available for experts and authors in the dramatically growingUdemyClass
world of online learning.  We’ll discuss the different platforms available, tech
considerations and how to get started.
  • What are the challenges and benefits from becoming an online teacher
  • Quick overview of most popular (and my favorite) learning platforms
  • Tips for getting started that will save you time later and ensure success
  • What tech will you really need to make this successful?

Offered as a Keynote Presentation, a break-out session, or a full or half-day workshop.


Is Your Platform Safe?  Protecting your business, your tribe from hackers & piracy.


We start by understanding the potential risk associated with losing your digital key and explore the steps to pt into place tomorrow to safeguard your online properties from being sold without your consent or being locked out of your accounts.

  • Realize the massive risks to your personal and professional security that you’re likely exposing yourself to right now
  • What steps to take to make your online presence secure right away
  • Practical steps to put into practice to keep your growing platform safe from online hackers and intellectual property piracy.

This session can be offered as a Keynote Presentation or a break-out session.